Thursday, April 17, 2014

Communication and Marketing Services in Print Production Services
Did you know Gartner positions Xerox as a leader in the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for managed print services? It’s because Xerox finds surprising ways to help simplify how work gets done. One of the expertise is Communication and Marketing Services.

Communications are at the core of solid customer relationships. This kind of services can help you get the right message to the right person at the right time, while simplifying the marketing processes to produce and deliver multichannel communications. You’ll improve your customer’s experience and your organization’s bottom line.

How You Benefit
Shift focus to higher priorities, like growing your business, while integrated marketing services act as the extra pair of hands that gets your marketing communications out the door. 

The first benefit is simplify how work gets done, you understand your business, know your customers and have a strategy to reach them. But getting from strategy to reality can be difficult.

Whatever you need–from supplier management to content creation and delivery. this services will simplify the way marketing gets done behind the scenes so you can dedicate time and resources to more critical tasks. You’ll improve visibility and control, eliminate redundant efforts and get to market faster with a more consistent brand. And we'll efficiently reuse content to save time and money across all channels.

Processes for producing and delivering multi channel marketing and communications are disjointed, with brand assets spread across the company. By transforming manual or siloed processes into collaborative and automated ones, you'll save time and money and improve the customer experience. Whether it's marketing collateral or mission-critical transactional communications, they'll centralize the process of producing communications across your organization, and help create and manage a centralized repository of content and brand assets.

The second benefit is making budgets go further, many organizations have fragmented silos of communications spending, which results in disjointed processes for producing and delivering messages. Redundant, duplicate efforts add cost and make it difficult to calculate ROI. At the same time, there is pressure to reduce overall print and postage spending.

The second benefit can help give your communications more impact and produce them through the most efficient channels, such as email, to reduce costs, optimize communications and marketing budgets through strategic sourcing and global supplier management, communications consolidation, postal optimization and a strategic approach to e-adoption.

You’ll see lower costs and a single, strategic view of communications spending. You’ll free up new funds to invest in additional efforts and innovation or improve your bottom line.

The third benefit is improve customer experience, as products and services become commoditized, customer service becomes a key differentiator. Customers expect a personalized, consistent experience regardless of whom they’re doing business with.

Customer communications at the center of every touch point can make or break the customer experience. The third benefit can help you ensure customers receive the right communication at the right time at every touch point, your customers will receive a consistent brand experience across channels and touch points, and will make it easier to communicate consistently in ways that support your brand promise.